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Due to the personal nature of wigs, please become familiar with WigSalon policies.

WigSalon Pledges
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WigSalon Pledges

We respond to emails and ship as quickly as possible.
We will be friendly and informative on the telephone, in our emails, chat sessions and in our salon.
We provide Personal Wig Consultation at no cost. With our 30+ years of  wig experience, there is no better place to get the personal help you may need.
We sell only the best styles from the top wig brands.
We treat all our clients with respect and care. We value your business, and we are here to help. It's what we are honored to do.
We Use Discreet Shipping - All of our items are shipped with a label that only says Paris Boutique. No wig logos will be on your package.
WigSalon created the idea of a true online wig shop in 1996. We will never be undersold! Our huge volume makes us great buyers of wigs so there's no reason for us to be undersold by the published prices of any wig firm in the world. Contact us if you want us to price-match. 

Domestic Shipping

We use USPS First Class with tracking on most standard USA shipping orders. Priority Mail typically arrives 2-3 days after it is shipped and the post office will still usually deliver on Saturdays. Priority mail packages leave our salon in one to three business days after order, varying on the wig maker's distance to Los Angeles. Due to our proximity to the major wig warehouses, no one can promise you faster delivery on wigs than WigSalon.
Special Requests : Feel free to email us before or directly after you order to request any special shipping arrangements that you might need or want. You can also email us a few days after you order and we will track the status of the order for you. Email to - Subject: Track My Order - YOUR LAST NAME.

Confirmation of Delivery : Delivery is assumed and designated by both parties to be complete when confirmed as delivered by UPS or USPS and their tracking system.

Third Party or Alternate Shipping Addresses: prefers to ship to the address that the card-bank has on file for you, but we realize that sometimes this can not be done or is not convenient. We will attempt to verify the authenticity of your order, and once this is done we can ship it to wherever you like.
Refused Parcel or Wrong Address: If an order is refused, it gets treated as a client return as long as it gets back to us OK. You will have the option of asking us to re-ship it or we can credit for the wig if the wig is eligible for credit. The same is true if the address you gave us was incorrect and the package was returned to us.
**Free Domestic Shipping: Free Domestic Shipping applies to wigs over $75 and excludes all wig products. Shipping charges may still apply to large orders but will automatically receive a shipping rebate to lower the rate.

Shipping Cancellations & Refused Packages:

Any packages that have been rerouted back to us will incur extra shipping fees to have the package redelivered. Any orders canceled after shipping from the manufacturer to our facilities but not yet shipped to you (customer), will be charged a 20% restocking fee as per our exchange/refund policy. Shipping and handling charges are non refundable.

International Orders & Shipping

For most overseas orders we are using Global Priority or USPS Express Mail International (EMI). We reserve the right to upgrade your package to Express Mail International if your order is over $150 or for improved reliability. Express Mail includes tracking and some basic insurance. Since postal rates vary with gas prices and other factors, the overseas rates we display on our site are approximate and may not be precise for overseas orders.
You should be aware of your own country's customs policies. WigSalon is not responsible for any customs charges, though we try to minimize them by invoicing at raw costs.

Canadian orders:Where the order is under $100, and we have a good relationship with the carriers in your province we use Priority Mail which is a great value. . However, when orders are large, or if we believe there may be enroute delays in your province, we upgrade to EMI and bill for that upgrade.

Foreign or Alternate Address Verification: Many foreign banks will not verify the address of their clients. And some times domestic clients need things shipped to addresses that are new or not known to their card/bank. Whatever the case, if you are a new client, with an address that can not be verified by your card/bank, we may ask that you call your card/bank and report to us the FULL and EXACT NAME of OUR WIG COMPANY, exactly as it appears to your card/bank. You may also be able to log on and see that information. Email that information to us at: Use a subject we will recognize. Your name should be in the subject. By doing this, it verifies you as the card-holder, since only the card-holder is privy to this information. After that is done, we can ship wherever you ask us to, even if you are on vacation. Once you are confirmed, future orders on the same credit card will not require this process. This is a simple Internet security procedure which eliminates the chance that someone else can use your credit card to buy wigs.

Rush Orders:

Overnight or Rush orders are processed on the same or next business day, depending on what time of day your order comes in, and the particulars of the business day. Most Rush Orders are drop shipped by the wig maker to your home via UPS. Refer to the map to judge how long the rush delivery should take. Actual ETA depends on where you live in relationship to where the wig maker is. So please factor that into your expectations, and remember that if you need a wig for true overnight, like the very next day, or within 2 days, you must contact us to make us aware of your needs. Then we will strive to accommodate, of course. Almost anything is possible, if you are willing to pay the true cost of the shipping to get it to you. Overnight and Rush Orders do not include weekends. UPS does not deliver on weekends.

Rush Orders are per vendor: If your RUSH order contains items from more than one wig brand, we will typically rush one brand for you. The other item(s) will come standard in about a week. The logic is that this keeps you covered until the rest of your order arrives. However, we do realize than sometimes you may need all your wigs quickly (say in the case that you are travelling). If you order RUSH from more than one brand, and need the entire order in less than a week, please call or email us. If you email, include your phone number. We can accommodate. We just need to know what your situation is.

Exchange Policy

Free Exchanges: We offer one free exchange on most brands wigs. Exceptions to the free exchange policy include costume wigs, party wigs, wig supplies, hair extensions and clearance sale wigs. Free shipping does not apply to wigs that are already exchanged. Clients are responsible for all shipping and handling on wigs that are exchanged.
Exchange Policies: If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may exchange it with no restock fee if your wig is eligible for exchange. Eligible exchanges receive a store credit for the cost of the wig being exchanged. Store credits do not expire, so any remainder after your exchange can be applied toward future orders. All shipping charges will apply for exchanges. The same credit card and shipping method submitted with your original order will apply for your exchange order, unless specified otherwise via email.

Expedite the Exchange Process (Cross-ship): Need your exchange product quickly? Email us at with your desired exchange item. We will ship your new product without delay if you agree to have the new purchase charged to your credit card. Then we can refund the item coming back when it arrives.

Notification of Exchange: You must notify of us of your intent to exchange within 5 days of receiving your original order. Email to is the easiest way to notify us. One of our wig experts will email you a form to print and include with your wig. You will get an EX# which should be written the box when you ship it back.
Eligible Exchanges: Wigs must come back to us in the same condition as received, with tags affixed and no scent of perfume. WigSalon is the final judge of the eligibility of wigs for exchange or return. Costume and Party Wigs, and items under $30 are final sales.

Wig Help & Exchange Advise

When clients get wigs they don’t feel they can use, we are here to help. There is no sense making the same errors again, and with our years of experience we have many ways of making sure you get a wig you can use. The following ideas are suggested:

In an email to you can list the wigs you are considering for exchange and we can make comments on the general success of the styles you are choosing.You may email a photo of yourself or a Facebook link so we can see you. If you don’t have that ability, you may include a photo of you with the wig coming back. Send us an email describing what you felt was wrong with the wig or color, one of our wig experts will give suggestions and help find the right wig for you.

You can call, email or chat with one of our wig experts. We are here to help in any way we can!

Wigsalon Colors

WigSalon often employs color conversions from numbers to user-friendly names on many brands. We have found that people understand color names easier than the complex number system traditonally used by wig makers.

Return Policy

We ask that our customers who deal with solely over the Internet take the time to read through our material on topics such as head size and face shape, in our Wig Salon Advice Page. An educated customer makes a better decision, and so we strive to educate you as we serve you. We are here for you; just reach out to us.

In the event that you do receive something that you are not happy with, we will take back your wig or hairpiece piece, but there are specific guidelines which must be followed due to the personal nature of wigs:

  • You must report your dissatisfaction via email within five days of the receipt of your piece.
  • The piece or wig must not have been worn beyond a quick try on.
  • You must request and receive an RA# by emailing
  • The RA# should be visible on the postal or UPS box, - not on the actual wig box.
  • The original tags must be affixed to the piece as it was delivered to you.
  • Scent of perfume or smoke will void eligibility for return.
  • In trying on the piece do not personalize the wig attempt to style it. Simply shake it out, style with your fingers or gently with a pick. If either the color, style or size is not right for you, you will know immediately upon looking. So please notify us immediately about any issue with your wig.

In the case of a requested return of a wig that is eligible for return, with no subsequent exchange requested, due to the personal nature of the hairgoods industry, we find it necessary to charge a minimum $10 restocking fee or 20% of the wig value, whichever is higher. Clients are responsible for actual shipping costs in both directions in the case of a requested refund.

Multiple Wig Orders: When ordering multiple wigs, only one wig is outright returnable, and one other may be exchanged according to our policies.

Exclusions: The following items are excluded from our return policy: Costume and party wigs, wigs purchased from clearance sale pages, wig care products, items that already been exchanged by the client, discontinued items and items under $30: these are considered final sales. Wigs over $150 are eligible for Exchange only, unless otherwise noted via email or excluded for exchange. Custom made wigs and special orders are final sales.

Final Sale Marked products cannot be exchanged or refunded: If the item name contains FINAL SALE.

VIP Pricing: By entering the VIP coupon code at checkout, you will receive lower prices on most brands. VIP Pricing extends to all clients who acknowledge and accept WigSalon's general policies as stated on this page.

Payment Options
WigSalon accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, electronic checks via Paypal, money orders and personal checks.

Security and Verification does not collect or manage your credit card information. We only work established and trusted companies like Authorizenet and Paypal, so you don't have to worry. Our website is scanned daily for vulnerabilities, and we have been certified by major industry security firms to provide secure online shopping.


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