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WigSalon | Rewards to Rate Wigs

WigSalon's fine wig brands won't allow us to run sales every day,  but we are always thinking of ways to save you money on wigs. So, without officially having a sale, we are offering you a chance to get paid to help build a more informative wig site by rating the wigs you have experience with.
This is how it works:
You start by going to our site and sign in*. If you have never done this before, you create a login in a few minutes. We dont ask for a lot. 
Then, to find a wig you want to rate use the WIG FINDER. Scroll to the bottom of the wig you wish to review. 
Click the REVIEWS tab then right below that tab you will see
Review This Wig. Share your experience with our shoppers. Thank You!
This will take you to this form and you just write your wig review. You can use a nickname. 
WigSalon | Review Form
We will see it on our end. We'll let you know within 5 days if its been accepted. We will only write your nickname and and city.
That way it is private. 
We will send you $5 for your first accepted review in the form of a coupon that can be appllied to any order after your review is approved.
Additional wig reviews are $3 per review. You can earn up to $20. 
Your VIP code will work on many leading brands during our "Rate Your Favorite Wig" promotion.
So you'll get low prices, free USA ship, and rebates just for reviewing wigs.
Thank Your for being a WigSalon client and helping us build a truly informative wig site. 
*Must be login. Guest Reviews will not count for this program
*Max $20 per account and per valid billing address