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UPPER CUT by Gabor

Product Review (submitted on July 8, 2016):
Upper Cut was my first wig almost five years ago. I bought it for a trip to Italy as my hair was thinning, and I just didn't want to contend with that issue on my trip. It was a lovely first choice. For some reason, the hair at the nape started to flip up after I wore it for a while. I trimmed it myself, and thought it looked better. I'm not sure that the monofilament crown meant much to me. Most of my wigs don't have the monofilament crown, and I really don't notice much difference. But it's a feature that others may value a lot. All of my wigs have been synthetic, and people are always surprised if I tell them I'm wearing a wig. I usually reveal this if someone compliments me (but not always). I love experimenting with different styles and colors -- styles that I'd never be able to wear with my own hair. I think Upper Cut is an excellent choice.