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HEADLINER by Raquel Welch

Product Review (submitted on November 28, 2016):
I have no hair of my own so a high-quality, hand-tied wig is important to me. While I loved the cap, cut and lace front of this wig, the hair was quite poor quality and tangled constantly, even in light breeze, and was very prone to looking fuzzy. I found that the only time the wig looked good was right after I had washed it. Even by the end of the first day after a wash, it had returned to fuzziness. Cap construction is terrific, but why wouldn't Raquel Welch use Remy hair?? I now get that I was wrong to presume a $1,400 wig wasn't using quality Remy hair, and I definitely won't make that mistake again, but the result is that I now will not be buying Raquel Welch brand human hair wigs again.