First Choose a Color

  • A Natural DARK black - not jet
  • Walnut Brown - Medium Browns blended - no reds
  • Blended light WARM Browns - Cinnamon shades as slight HL
  • Coffee Bean, Capuccino 4, Darkest Warm Brown
  • Dark Warm Brown w/highlights of real red/auburn
  • Medium Brown w/Auburn lowlites & Cinnamon HL's
  • Dark Warm Brown w/subtle Caramel Blond hi-lites
  • Warm Dark Brown w/light brown streaks - no reds
  • Warm Medium Brown w/Warm Cinnamon HL's
  • Light Spicy Irish & Chili Reds blended - Hot!
  • Burgundy shades w/Rosy Red highlights - Cherry Cola
  • Light Golden Brown w/gold blond highlights
  • Light & Medium GOLDEN BROWNS - mature blends
  • Deep Warm Spring Honey Blonds w/lighter highlights!
  • GOLD BLOND - Medium to light shades blended
  • Dirty blond - Light Brown w/blond lights - mocchacino
  • Medium Brown FROSTED w/gold blonds - both colors show
  • Beautiful Strawberry Blond Blend - Rooted Darker
  • Vanilla Lush, Strawberry blond w/Nordic hi-lites
  • Creamy Light Golden Blond w/Nordic highlights
  • Warm Light Brown/Blond base w/Pale blond hi-lites
  • Pale Nordic Blond - very Marilyn - but w/DARK ROOTS
  • Natural Medium Grays blended
  • Darker Gray 44 at back runs to pewter 51 in front aka #92
  • Silver gray back becomes white gray in the front. #92

HOPE by Envy

HOPE by Envy


Textured spiky layers and wispy edges to frame the face and a hugging neck-line in this timeless silhouette. Soft, natural and lightweight monofilament skin-top top cap construction by Envy Wigs. SEE MORE VIEWS

Length : 2.75 - 5.25 inches
Weight : 2.15 oz.

Head Size: : Average

Color shown: 241857 - FROSTED

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