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  • Jet Black, the darkest black
  • A Natural DARK black - not jet
  • Darkest Brown - can appear off black
  • Warm Dark Brown - Deep Auburn LowLights
  • Darkest Brown w/Cinnamon Auburn HL's
  • Dark Warm Brown w/Gentle Touch of Auburn HL's
  • Dark Warm Brown w/generous Cinnamon Blond HL's
  • Color of CINNAMON the spice, appears dark warm blond
  • Strawberry Blond blended with light blond - Butterscotch!
  • Creamy platinum blond - very Marilyn Monroe

MEGAN HH by Sepia

MEGAN HH by Sepia


18" long 100% human hair page with a monofilament skin top part. You can wear this wig to any occasion whether formal or casual. You can also adjust the hair pattern from straight, as it comes to wave or even curl. This wig has an adjustable wig cap and is very easy to use right out of the box.

Length : : 18 inches
Weight : : light & comfy

Head Size: : : average

Color shown: WARM COFFEE 4

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