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  • Darkest Brown Blended w/ Dark Brown.
  • Dark Brown Blended w/Dark Brown.
  • Dark Brown Blended w/Medium Reddish Brown.
  • Dark Brown w/Medium Auburn and Light Blond HL.
  • Dark Brown Blended w/Medium Reddish Brown and Medium Auburn.
  • Medium Brown w/ Strawberry Blond Highlights.
  • Dark Brown w/ Medium Bright Red Highlights
  • Medium Brown blended & tipped w/Medium Gold Blond.
  • Dark Auburn Blended w/ Bright Red.
  • Dark Brown w/Bright Red and Strawberry Blond Highlights.
  • Dark Brown Roots on Pale Champagne Blonde.
  • Cinnamon Blond w/Nordic Blond Hi-lites & Dark BROWN ROOTS
  • Medium Warm Blond blend w/light gold blond highlights
  • Shadowed Roots on Dark Gold Blond w/ Light Gold Blond HL.
  • Blend of Gold Blondes.
  • Shadowed Roots on Medium Auburn w/Butterscotch HL.
  • Drk Brwn Roots on LT Reddish Brwn w/Pale Champagne Blond HL.
  • Light Creamy Blonde w/ Platinum Blonde HL.
  • Gold Blond & Light Blond Blend w/Medium Auburn LL.
  • Blend of silver gray, medium gray and off black medium gray

EMILY by Tressallure

EMILY by Tressallure


The Emily wig by TressAllure is a short and spiky pixie cut with feathered layers tapered gradually to the sides and the neckline to create a smooth appearance. This style is made with high quality Japanese fibers. Designed by Noriko Suzuki, the same Noriko that created ROP's world-famous Noriko wigs.


Length : 2.4 - 3.4 in.
Weight : 2.3 oz.

Head Size: : Average

Color shown: Dark Gray Blend 56/51/44

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