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  • True natural black - dark but not jet
  • A true off black - natural medium black
  • Darkest Warm Brown with subtle variations
  • Dark brown w/visible wine auburn highlights
  • Dark & Medium Browns w/gentle Reddish/Brown HL's
  • Realistic medium visible red tones
  • Light Brown, subtle variations, natural - no reds
  • Light Golden Brown but ROOTED w/off Black!
  • Dark Chocolate Brown w/Gold Blond HL's blended in
  • Medium BROWN w/deep warm natural blond hi-lites.
  • Generous Caramel & Auburn on Medium Brown Base
  • Two Warm Medium Browns Blended w/Caramel HL's
  • Warm medium & light browns kissed w/cinnamon auburn tones.
  • The color of Cinnamon Spice w/gentle BLOND HL's
  • Medium Red Auburn Blend - very natural - russet
  • Attractive Warm BROWN w/AUBURN blended
  • Deep wine auburn- Burgundy wine/brown blend
  • A medium auburn red, kissed with sunny blond strands
  • A deep vibrant red, subdued a tad with auburn.
  • Deep Red ROOTED w/Darkest Brown
  • Cinnamon AUBURN with Dark Brown ROOTS ... great look!
  • A medium brown tipped and lit with GOLD blond - Favorite!
  • Medium Ash Blond roots, light blond tips. Nice Blend.
  • A dark blond with subtle warm honey red tones
  • Medium Ash Blond w/lighter highlights blended
  • 2400H Zippy dark blonde w/orange-strawberry tones
  • 2500H - Our Most Popular Zippy Strawberry Blond!
  • Subdued & realistic Gold Blond - not bright.
  • Gold Blond w/Light Blond HL's & Dark Brown Roots
  • Strawberry & Gold Blonds Blended perfectly! popular...
  • Creamy Platinum Blond - very Marilyn
  • -
  • Medium mahogany brown with grey coming in
  • Salt and pepper, light gray & dark grey blend.
  • A medium silvery gray; average gray
  • Light Silver Grey; light gray
  • The lightest grey, almost pure white

MADISON by Henry Margu

MADISON by Henry Margu


Short yet stylish. This new MONOFILAMENT wig by the masters at Henry Margu can't miss! Styles in a jiffy just the way you see it here with just a wig comb or your fingers. Replaces JULIA ( which has been popular for over 15 years ) with the same basic style but updated with a tad LESS volume so it's SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT for comfort.

Length : 3.5 - 6 inches
Weight : 2.15 ounces

Head Size: : Average

Color shown: SUNNY BROWN #7H

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