First Choose a Color

  • Not jet black; a natural off black
  • Classic warm darkest brown slightly lighter at the bangs
  • Medium dark warm brown, slightly lighter at the bangs
  • Medium Dark Brown w/subtle warm GLOW & lighter front
  • Medium brown, darker at neck, & light brown/blond at bangs
  • Medium brown with generous blond hi-lites at the fringes
  • Classic light brown, lighter & blond at fringes
  • Golden and medium browns w/light blond hi-lites at the tips
  • Medium/Dark Brown lit w/sassy ginger blond
  • Golden Brown FROSTED w/Blond-both colors show - blond frost
  • Medium Auburns blend w/Cinnamon body & Ginger Blond
  • Auburns Blended, Darker Roots, Spicy Tips
  • DEEP ROSEWOOD REDS, blended - lighter at tips
  • Dark strawberry blond, darker roots, lighter bangs
  • A mix of warm blonds from dark to light
  • Medium Blonds Blended w/No Reds, lighter bangs
  • Cayenne/Strawberry Blonds Blended ...popular!
  • Mahogany brown going grey - lighter at tips
  • Light silvery greys are blended - lighter at the bangs
  • ALMOST WHITE blended w/SILVER, lighter at the bangs

INSTINCT - Large Cap

INSTINCT - Large Cap


Slightly waved all-over layers that fall to a collar length nape. A SHORT SHAG that is sassy yet controllable. By Eva Gabor. Light and comfy. Inside "hidden" weft for a more natural hairline. Finally made in a Large Cap size.

Length : 2.5 - 3.5 in.
Weight : 2.6 oz.

Head Size: : LARGE

Color shown: Butterscotch Blond - 2500

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