First Choose a Color

  • Dark off black - true black aka MIDNIGHT
  • Soft Black. The darkest brown appears off black.
  • Darkest Warm Brown w/subtle deep red lowlights, coffee bean!
  • A dark brown with auburn tones
  • Dark brown w/lighter warm brown highlights
  • Dark brown w/visible wine auburn highlights
  • MEDIUM DARK Chocolate Brown - Classic #6
  • Medium Brown, w/subtle lighter brown highlights
  • Light Brown, subtle variations, natural - no reds
  • LIGHT WARM Brown w/cinnamon brown fused in - popular!
  • MEDIUM BROWN w/natural medium Auburn Red blended in
  • Color of cinnamon, the spice - light brown/red/blondish
  • Medium Red/Auburn that works well for most
  • Deep Wine Red - Burgundy
  • A deep vibrant red, subdued a tad with auburn.
  • Light brown with warm cinnamon tones; milk chocolate
  • Rusty Blonde w/orange/strawberry tones
  • 2500H - Our Most Popular Zippy Strawberry Blond!
  • Color of cinnamon accented with dark blond
  • Rust blond body - buterscotch blond hightlights - red/blond
  • Very Natural Gold Blond w/lighter natural blond HL's
  • Strawberry Blond w/light Nordic blond tips. Popular!
  • Warm medium honey blond accented w/light blond for contrast.
  • The Lightest Nordic Blond aka Creamy Platinum
  • Cinnamon Blond blended & tipped w/Light Blond - natural!
  • Creamy platinum blond - very Marilyn Monroe




Soft stretch 100% cotton black headband w/ shoulder-length straight hair attached. Perfect for summer nights or after a day in the sun. Headband wigs are back, and for good reason . They look sporty, natural and you look like fun! By Jon Renau.

Length : 8.5 - 9.5 inches
Weight : 5 oz.

Head Size: : ALL

Color shown: Burgundy Wine Red #33

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