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  • True natural black - dark but not jet
  • Darkest Warm Brown with subtle variations
  • Dark brown w/visible wine auburn highlights
  • Realistic medium visible red tones
  • A deep vibrant red, subdued a tad with auburn.
  • A dark blond with subtle warm honey red tones
  • 2500H - Our Most Popular Zippy Strawberry Blond!
  • Creamy Platinum Blond - very Marilyn
  • Zippy dark blonde w/orange-strawberry tones
  • Striking Color of Burgundy WINE
  • Bright Punk CARTOON RED - like Disney's Ariel
  • Deep Purple FLOURESCENT, the new party color
  • Black w/Gothic DEEP BLUE Streaks
  • Bright FLOURESCENT Royal Blue
  • Light Gold Blond w/Trendy BLACK Streaks
  • Whiter even than Platinum Blond - PARTY WHITE

Foxy by Incognito

Foxy by Incognito


This classic CHINA GIRL bob is an easy winner for your party look! For the fashion conscious or fun-loving gal. Top quality Incognito are the finest party wigs ever and use medical quality fibers. All sales are final on party wigs. Created by one of our top wig-makers who asked to remain anonymous.

Length : : 6 - 12 inches
Weight : : 3.5 oz.

Head Size: : : average

Color shown: Midnight - 1H

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