First Choose a Color

  • Black, almost jet black
  • Brown so DARK it looks off black
  • aka Coffee Bean - Darkest brown; rich, warm, exotic #4
  • Dark brown, subtle warm tones
  • Dark brown with very subtle medium auburn tones.
  • Warm Dark Brown touched with medium auburn red
  • Medium Brown with subtle variations, aka walnut #10
  • A lighter medium brown; sun faded a bit
  • Warm Dark Brown highlighted with medium auburn brown
  • Light brown with warm cinnamon tones; milk chocolate
  • Pale IRISH red - works best with fair to light complexions
  • Cinnamon MEDIUM RED shade
  • Color of burgundy wine; deep wine auburn
  • Bright red rooted with deep red
  • Wild FIRE REDHEAD - like the swatch shown here
  • Dark & Light Auburns blended & SPICED with a tad of FIRE red
  • Dark honey blond, w/variations, subtle warm tones
  • 2500H - Our Most Popular Zippy Strawberry Blond!
  • A truly perfected light GOLDEN blond
  • A light cinnamon Blond
  • Lightest pale yellow blond - platinum
  • Strawberry Blond w/light Nordic blond tips. Popular!
  • Lite golden blond w/Nordic blond chunks
  • Pale Cinnamon shade - lightened to a blond
  • Dark Brown TIPPED w/cinnamon blond. Unusually Fashionable.

TIFFANY by Louis Ferre

TIFFANY by Louis Ferre


A stunning medium-long curl pattern FULL VOLUME high-fashion SHOWGIRL creation by Louis Ferre. This is a retro style, hard to find these days, very full and glamorous, and best for those who want to make a big splash and like to work on their wigs a bit.

Length : 4.5 to 15.5 inches
Weight : 6.4 oz.

Head Size: : Average

Color shown: Dark Shaded Blond

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