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Wigs! We've been in the wig biz since 1969. We are a wig salon and only sell only top quality wigs at attractive discount prices. , And through the miracle of the Internet we offer a lowest price guarantee, prompt discreet global delivery. We treat all our customers with respect.

Showpeople, dancers, actors, models, ladies and men all appreciate having a wardrobe of wigs. They have come to depend on their wigs to enable them to live multiple personalities, and alter-ego's. is transgender friendly because we believe in being sincere to everyone! We now offer our home page in Spanish, French, German and Portugese as well.

And then there's wigs for "girls who just want to have fun." And that could be just about anybody. How about you? Are you ready for wigs? There's a wig salon in your neighborhood right now. We're open 24 hours. We have thousands of wigs from famous designers, all top quality, and we offer prompt service, an 800 number for our clientele and the deepest discounts because through the miracle of the Internet we are now serving the entire world-community!

Maybe you've cut your hair, and long for the length. Check out the Long Wigs at Or maybe you've always had a thing for red hair, but did not want to damage your own natural hair by a dye job. will guide you into a great color selection, with accurate graphics and professional wig salon advice. Call us today at 1-800-262-8437. Or better yet, E-mail us 24 hours a day for honest answers to your wig questions. Our wig salon is open 7 days, from 10AM to 7PM EST. Our email address is

Those who have to look good in a hurry have come to rely on wigs. Let's face it: your hair wont always behave! If you have to be out the door in a flash, a wig like your own natural hair, but perfected, is a great asset. New light-weight wigs have become a professional tool in today's workplace.

You need a wig of outstanding quality for professional service. Noriko, Jon Renau, Rene of Paris and Revlon all make wigs that are good enough to be worn in any situation. Our wig salon only carries top quality wigs. There is a huge difference between a no-name wig and a brand name wig. Also, many mail-order houses sell cheap wigs and put their name on it. This does not mean you are getting a top-quality name brand wig.

If you need a wig because of a hair loss problem, resulting from chemo, alopecia, or other traumatic events, please know that we have specially made wigs for sensitive scalps, and that you will be able to get free wig consultation by calling, emailing, or visiting our wig salon. Most wig salons charge for their consultation. Our friendly professional advice is always free!

Most of the wigs we sell are synthetic easy-care Kanekilon fiber. We also carry human hair wigs for those who wish to do their own hair styling. We have sources for top quality European human human and prices that can't be beat. has all the famous name designers, like Revlon Wigs, Margu Wigs, Rene of Paris and Noriko Wigs, Raquel Welch Wigs, Estetica, Gabor and Many Others

So visit online or offline as often as you like. Our friendly experienced staff has been selling and styling wigs since 1969. And now there is a whole new generation that is getting into wigs and the differences that wigs can make in their lives. Get into wigs! For a high-fashion change wigs rule!

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