WigSalon introduces the hair style made popular by Sarah Palin. This is a 100% human hair wig from SouthEast Asia, specially treated to feel European. Truly top quality with a MONOFILAMENT CAP, we deliver it already pulled back and fastened the way you have seen her. It is availible in her shade of brown with lighter highlights or your favorite shade; it looks great in any shade. You can unclip it and wear it down as well. Versatility is built-in to this durable and beautiful creation. And it does not come with a name on it that says Sarah Palin, so no matter what your politics, you can wear this as your own style! CLICK HERE or on the photo to learn more about Sarah P 100% human hair wigs by WigSalon. In stock and ready for fast delivery.


Sarah Palin Costume and Parody Wigs

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When a client asked WigSalon to make her wigs that looked like Sarah Palin's hair style and color, she expected to wait weeks for it. She was really surprised when she got a call the next day from the owner saying that we already had the wig style and the right color for her. All she needed was "a few bobby pins and maybe some eye-glasses" to complete her look. Sarah Palin's color is a dark brown with strawberry blond highlights that show especially up front. Raquel Welch already made that color: 8/29 GLAZED HAZELNUT, and her new VALENTINE wig is a very close approximation of the Palin hair style.

Simply bobby pin back the upper layers of the Raquel Welch's new Valentine wig style, which is truly beautiful in it's own right, and let the longer layers fall freely:

These are the colors you should consider if you want a true Sarah Palin look. The Hazelnut shades have the strawberry blond hightlights, and the Chocolate Copper has an auburn highlight on a deep brown base, which Sarah also shows in some seasons.

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WigSalon has access to a quantity of the Raquel Welch Valentine wigs in these three specific colors so our clients can be sure of getting them in about 7-9 days. Of course, this beautiful wig will also work in blonds, reds and any shade that suits you.

Click on the images below to view these high quality Sarah Palin style wigs.

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Some Other Sarah Palin Hair Style Ideas

hair piece This Raquel Welch wig style called Mega-Tech comes hanging long and full, but can easily be bobby-pinned up as shown into a CHIGNON, like Sarah often wears. It has more wave and curl than Sarah's hair for sure, but pinned-up it does work, and the 8/29 GLAZED HAZELNUT color is nearly perfect.The UP DO is already the next hair fashion rage, and it's hard to find wigs that has enough volume to pin up that also comes in Sarah's color. This one does both.




long wig This one is a tad long, but there is plenty of room to bobby pin back some layers, or toss the length up in a chignon the way you see her do it to look more executive. The hardest part of finding Sarah Palin's hair style in a wig, is getting that color right. Henry Margu's "roasted cinnamon" seems to do the trick. This is long and full, very glamorous, and a bit of a showgirl style. But it works, particularly for costuming, and the Henry Margu quality is of course great. You might want to use some wig spray to hold the bangs in a bit of a side-part, which is also her signature.




party wig BARGAIN SARAH PALIN WIG - $46: Looking for an inexpensive wig get get the Sarah Palin look, maybe even for a Halloween party ? This Incognito wig is made by a well-known wig-maker. He keeps his name off it to keep the price down. The quality of the fibers is much better than you will get from a typical costume wig. If you select the GINGER BROWN color, you will at least have a workable brown shade for her. And this one is great for partying too. Also, you can pin it up the way Sarah does, as there is enough volume to do so, and the slightly side-parted bangs are just about dead on!



halloween wig New! SARAH PALIN FLIP - $25.20: The Sarah Palin Flip style is a popular retro '70s style, brought back just in time with a bang and flared out at the bottom. Select the Walnut Brown for an inexpensive Sarah Palin look perfect for costuming or just having fun. Of course this length and flip is great for just partying as well.




sara palin For an inexpensive and very practical Palin fashion fix, try getting this CHIGNON. You have to select a color suitable with your own hair of course. And pin the chignon up as high as you can for the Sarah Palin look. If you happen to have brown hair, the 8/29 GLAZED HAZELNUT color is nearly perfect.




palin WigSalon.com makes the front page of Friday's Wall Street Journal. (Sept 12th, 2008 Issue ) To read the article on Sarah Palin's style: CLICK HERE. By the way, the Palin rage is not limited to her hair style. Read this ABC News article on Sarah's Kawasaki eyeglasses. They can't keep them in stock.

WigSalon keeps you posted on the latest trends in hair fashion.




Note: Due to the timeliness of this offer, there are no refunds on these items or offers. Exchange within WigSalon policies is permitted. No association with or endorsement from or to the Sarah Palin campaign exists. The products are those of famous wig makers and WigSalon.com, who is pointing out hair fashion trends and nothing more. WigSalon encourages everyone to learn about the actual issues facing America, and vote in their own best interest.

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