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The Rene of Paris - Noriko & Amore Wig Collections

Wigsalon presents the 2013 Rene of Paris Wig Collection which also includes Wigs by Noriko and their medical or Monofilament Wigs by Amore. Rene of Paris is the hallmark brand at Wigsalon. They create our best selling styles, and WigSalon's low prices on these wigs are world-famous. Most of the wigs now display with Hi-Def Images that you can click on to see them in greater detail than ever before. This new visual aid is both helpful and popular.

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Sky by Noriko Wigs LIZZY by Rene of Paris MEGAN by Noriko AUDREY by Rene of Paris MASON by Noriko COCO by Rene of Paris IVY by Noriko TYLER by Rene of Paris SANDIE by Noriko TORI by Rene of Paris CORY by Noriko KATE by Noriko DREW by Noriko Morgan by Noriko Wigs GIA by Rene of Paris ZARA by Rene of Paris RONI by Noriko SAMY by Rene of Paris PAM by Noriko JOEY by Rene of Paris SALLY by Noriko DANI by Rene of Paris EVA by Noriko