Petite and Small Size Wigs

Here at WigSalon you will find a large selection of petite head size wigs to choose from. Petite caps are designed to fit head sizes from 20-21 inches. To measure your head size, read here. If you have any further questions about your head size, be sure to email us : Also note that ultra-petite cap sizes should also consider our child's wigs.

Also consider, some wigs on this page are sized "smallish average" or "petite/average". They tend to fit the smaller side of average - around 21-21.5 inches. There is about 1/2 of adjustment available in all petite wigs as well, so your fit can be customized.

POWER by Raquel WINNER PETITE by Raquel PORTIA - Petite by Revlon ALLURE Petite by Renau SHEENA - Petite by Renau PETITE PAIGE by Envy VIV Petite Lace NINA by Henry Margu FAITH by Henry Margu NANCY PETITE by Estetica DEMI Petite by Estetica BRENDA by Henry Margu ASPIRE - Petite Head JAZZ - Petite by Renau ACCLAIM - Petite PIXIE PERFECT by Gabor Finale Petite by Welch Charm Petite by Estetica FLIRT - PETITE by Gabor PERK Petite by Gabor SIMPLICITY- Petite Renau TIA by Henry Margu DISTINCTION Petite FANTASY Petite by Gabor FIRST RATE - Petite EASY GOING Petite NATALIE Petite by Renau LEGACY PETITE  by Revlon SABRINA - Petite Mono SUSIE P. by Estetica LEAH by Henry Margu EMILY by Jon Renau JENNIFER - Petite ASHLEY - Petite ALLIE by Estetica PERFECTION - Petite INTIMATE PETITE by Raquel NITA - Petite Lace Front BREE - Petite by Renau ALIA Petite by Renau PAM by Jon Renau PETITE PASSION by Pierre MEG - Petite by Ferre LINDA - PETITE by Ferre COCO - Petite by Ferre CARLA - Petite by Ferre KELLY by Jon Renau NIKKI by Louis Ferre IMPACT - Petite PAMELA by Henry Margu APRIL - Petite by Ferre JOSIE by Henry Margu ANGIE by Henry Margu LAUREN by Henry Margu