Large Wigs and Large Cap Wigs
Large head sized wigs from name-brand wig designers are relatively scarce. But WigSalon's collection keeps growing. Feel free to contact us about these and some other solutions like custom-made human hair wigs. Sometimes 3/4 falls work well as they are not as specific to head size. If your head size is larger than 22½", you will need a large size wig. See pro wig salon advice for tips on measuring your head size.
ALLURE - Large Cap SALSA - Large Size VOLTAGE Large by Raquel SHARI by Envy INTIMATE LARGE by Raquel IMAGINE Large - Gabor Distinction LG by Gabor ANGELIQUE - Large Head HORIZON - Large Cap UPSTAGE Large by Raquel INSTINCT - Large Cap COMMITMENT - Large Cap ACCLAIM - Large JADE - Large by Envy ZARA Large by Jon Reanu ADELLE - LARGE