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Lace Front Wig Collection

WigSalon's Lace Front Collection is comprised of the top lace-front styles from all of our best suppliers. They offer the most natural hairline available and undetectable "off the face" styling! Our lace-front wigs seamlessly contour to the shape of your head without the need for tape or adhesive and will never unravel or lose their shape. If you want to trim the lace, they will not run. Lace-front technology, once reserved for wigs that cost well over $1500, has gone mainstream and WigSalon's world-famous low price policy makes these classic beauties truly affordable.

CARTE BLANCHE by Gabor GLAM SLAM - Raquel Welch SPOTLIGHT by Raquel Welch OPULENCE by Eva Gabor WINNER - Elite Mono Lace CARLEY by Envy Gisele by Jon Renau Wigs NAOMI by Jon Renau UPSCALE by Eva Gabor CENTER STAGE by Raquel ALANA - LACE by Envy ZARA by Jon Renau HEAT by Jon Renau JULIA - Lace by Renau CONFIDENCE by Gabor ASHLEY by Envy CASSIDY by Rene of Paris HAUTE HD by Jon Renau TAYLOR - Lace by Envy PRODIGY - Lace by Gabor BLAKE by Estetica PINNACLE by Gabor KERRY - Lace by Estetica FASHION STATEMENT - by RW GORGEOUS - Raquel Welch RYLEE by Envy DEBUTANTE by Gabor SOCIALITE by Gabor VERONICA by Rene of Paris PREMIUM by Eva Gabor IGNITE by Jon Renau BOBBI - Lace by Envy MONIQUE LACE by Envy JADE by Envy Wigs MUSE by Raquel Welch BRIANNA by Envy Victoria Wig by Jon Renau CHIC LAYERS by Daisy F TRIBECA by Ferre HAZEL by Estetica MICKI - Lace by Envy SCENE STEALER by Raquel BOWIE by Jon Renau PARADOX by Eva Gabor AUTOGRAPH by Raquel Welch Limited Edition by Gabor BRIDGETTE by Revlon HEIDI by Jon Renau ESTHER - Lace by Estetica ELLE by Jon Renau CELEBRITY by Raquel Welch KIMBERLY by Envy ISABELLE - Lace by Margu DREW by Jon Renau JENNY by Jon Renau CLOSE UP by Raquel Welch LONG & LUSCIOUS by Daisy BROADWAY GALA by Ferre MONIKA by Estetica Lace OLIVIA by Rene of Paris LIMELIGHT by Raquel Welch BRAVO by Rachel Welch OPENING ACT by Raquel ANGIE - Lace by Envy JEANNIE - Envy Lace ZARA - Large Cap Lace SIENNA - Estetica Lace NITA - Lace by Renau DENISE LACE by Envy VANTAGE POINT by Gabor HILLARY by Renau ALIA by Jon Renau EMMA by Estetica KIMORA - Lace Front LORETTA - Lace Front Hayden by Vivica Fox DANIELLE - Envy Hair LINDA by Jon Renau SUZANNE - Lace Estetica ORCHID Lace by Estetica SALON COOL by Raquel GINNIFER by Estetica JULIANNE by Estetica FINA by Estetica COURTNEY by Jon Renau ANNE by Jon Renau TASHA  by Envy MAXIE by Henry Margu SCARLETT by Henry Margu AVA by Henry Margu Napoli by Vivica Fox Lavender by Vivica Fox Javant by Vivica Fox SOHO CHIC by Ferre NYC 57 by Ferre SOIREE by Ferre GRAMMERCY by Ferre EMMA by Jon Renau LONDON LACE by TOB MAMBO by Tony of Beverly HARMONY by Estetica WHITNEY by Rene of Paris ENCORE by Raquel Welch SPICY HD by Jon Renau FIERY by Jon Renau AURA - Estetica Lace BENNETT Tony of Beverly CARRIE - Lace Human Hair NICOLE - Lace Human Hair JENNIFER - Human Hair BARBIE by Envy JOY by Eva Gabor PEARL - Lace Front CANDI by Vivica Fox JOLLY by Revlon ELUSIVE by Revlon JACQUELINE by Wig Pro CHRISTINA - Hand-TIed