New Wigs from Eva Gabor

The Eva Gabor 2014 Wig Collection. is now shipping. These all feature Gabor's New Luminous Colors. Instead of being tipped lighter, these colors are naturally blended the way Raquel Welch's shades are. Eva Gabor and Raquel are sister companies and natural color is their strong suit. Eva Gabor wigs have been around since the 60's - and keep getting better. Their focus is on practical wigs, and reasonable pricing for mature women of all ages.Free Shipping and VIP Pricing on most Eva Gabor styles.

GALA by EVA GABOR Triumph by Gabor Casual Chic by Gabor Short & Sweet by Gabor Limited Edition by Gabor FLUTTER by Eva Gabor CARTE BLANCHE by Gabor Viewpoint by Gabor OPULENCE by Eva Gabor FLIRT by Eva Gabor LOVE by Eva Gabor UPSCALE by Eva Gabor FOLLY by Gabor PRODIGY - Lace by Gabor CONFIDENCE by Gabor PEACE by Eva Gabor SYMMETRY by Eva Gabor UPPER CUT by Gabor INNUENDO by Gabor SENSATION by Gabor REFINED by Gabor PINNACLE by Gabor HONESTY by Gabor IMAGINE Large - Gabor DEBUTANTE by Gabor SOCIALITE by Gabor PREMIUM by Eva Gabor PERK by Eva Gabor ASPIRE - Petite Head COMMITMENT by Eva Gabor HORIZON by Eva Gabor ACCLAIM - Petite ACCLAIM - Large PIXIE PERFECT by Gabor FIDELITY by Gabor IMAGINE by Gabor Distinction LG by Gabor SPRITE by Eva Gabor ZEST by Gabor CHEER by Eva Gabor SMOOTH HALO RENEW by Eva Gabor INCENTIVE by Eva Gabor PASSION by Gabor DISTINCTION Petite DASH by Eva Gabor BELLE by Eva Gabor PROVOCATION by Gabor NOTION by Eva Gabor FELICITY by Gabor DISCRETION by Gabor VANTAGE POINT by Gabor AFFLUENCE by Eva Gabor PRECEDENCE by Eva Gabor STATUS by Eva Gabor COMMITMENT - Large Cap RESOLVE by GABOR ACCLAIM by Eva Gabor SUMMIT by Gabor STRENGTH by Gabor LAUGHTER by Gabor DISTINCTION by Gabor APPEAL by Gabor ADVANTAGE by Gabor FANTASY by Eva Gabor PERFECTION by Eva Gabor SIGNIFICANCE by Gabor FIRST RATE by Gabor DELUXE by Eva Gabor HIGH SOCIETY by Gabor ACCOLADE by Gabor GAIETY by Eva Gabor CAREFREE by Eva Gabor CAPER by Eva Gabor ACCLAIM - LUXURY ASPIRE by Eva Gabor TIMELESS by Eva Gabor