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WIGSALON.COM - a Pioneer on the Internet Started as a Family Business

WigSalon.com is thought to be one of the world's first commercial web sites of any kind that had a shopping cart and delivered name-brand products. In 1969, 25 years before the Internet, a New York City entrepreneur, Albert Aronesty, created a wig shop In Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was before there were casinos in Atlantic City but clients from New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC were all close by and welcomed the idea that they could try on wigs with some privacy, away from their home. Albert's son, Joseph, got involved with wigs after his father passed away in 1982. He created a wig salon on the Ocean One Mall, which was on a pier that jetted out over the Atlantic Ocean. He continued his father's tradition there for many years. Then, in 1995 his oldest son, Erik, told him about the emergence of the Internet , which he was studying at Rutgers University.

Joseph took his son's advice and launched WigSalon on the Internet in early 1996. Erik, who now works with doctors to diagnose the human genome and find cures for cancer, wrote the code for a shopping cart, one of the first ever on the Internet. This was before Google, E-Bay and Yahoo! WigSalon is a three generation family cooperative. Joseph noticed that he could sell his wigs for less on the Internet than he could in his salon, and started the concept of discounting name-brand merchandise, a tradition that WigSalon continues today.

When you deal with WigSalon, you are dealing with experienced wig people and a family that takes pride in their craft and in being the merchant pioneers of the Internet.

Thank You for making WigSalon your choice destination for wigs.